The Sanborn: A Facelift!

Excitingly, we are in the final days of wrapping up the construction which has completely rejuvenated the exterior appearance of the Sanborn House. As we wind down our construction period, I thought I would take the opportunity to provide everyone with some updates on our progress here at the Sanborn House.

Sanborn House FacadeWe have completed the painting of the exterior woodwork, even down to the signpost out front. The brick and concrete front walkway has been completed, as has the restoration of the front columns. Perhaps most necessary has been our transition into accessibility: we now have lowered thresholds between the side and front entrances on the first floor, and an automatic door opener on our newly-installed front doors. (Speaking of the doors, take a close look at them the next time you visit the House, not only are they gorgeous, but they replicate the original front doors dating to 1907!). When you also consider the ramp next to the walkway and the handicapped-accessible bathroom currently being installed by the Winchester Department of Public Works, we have made great strides towards being equally inviting to all of our visitors.

Sanborn HouseI would like to take a moment to thank all of those that have made this project possible, from our new doors to our freshly painted trim to our brick and concrete walkway – all beautiful and historically accurate. Matt Genzale of Prism Builders and architect Karle Packard of Red Hawk Studios have been wonderful teammates in caring for the Sanborn during our period of restoration, as well as all of the subcontractors we have been fortunate to work with on the House. And absolutely nothing would have been possible without our local community organizations and individuals who have contributed their support to the Sanborn House restoration efforts. While there is still much to be done, we hope you will join us in celebrating our renewed appearance and visit us soon!

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