Sanborn House Facade

The Sanborn: A Facelift!

Excitingly, we are in the final days of wrapping up the construction which has completely rejuvenated the exterior appearance of the Sanborn House. As we wind down our construction period, I thought I would take the opportunity to provide everyone with some updates on our progress here at the Sanborn House. We have completed the […]

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Concrete Pouring

History + Concrete = Our New Front Walk!

After a few weeks of truly disagreeable weather, we are making steady progress on our exterior restoration. The painting continues, and this week, we began work on the front entry itself. After demolishing the old front walkway and removing the temporary door last week, we began this week’s work with an empty hole in front […]

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Who Knew a Historic Paint Analysis Could Be Fun?!

As anyone who has ever visited the Sanborn knows, its unique facade is made up of a light stucco and accented with elegant painted wood trim. Though the stucco has remained in remarkably good condition, the painted trim, has unfortunately, faced a different battle. Multiple coats of only the most basic white paint have not […]

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