Wright-Locke Farm Book Cover Wright-Locke Farm: A History in Pictures
by Ellen Knight Look into the history of the Wright-Locke farm in a new 16-page booklet titled Wright-Locke Farm: A History in Pictures. The lavish illustrations cover the Wright-Locke farm and the greater Ridge Street area from different time periods and various angles, including aerial shots. There are also sections on the original farm owners, the Wright’s and the Locke’s.

Price: $10.00

A Children's History Book Cover A Children’s History of Winchester, Massachusetts
by Mildred Allison based on Chapman’s The History of Winchester revised and updated by Ellen Knight Based on a hand-written copy by Mildred Allison called A Children’s Early History of Winchester, this booklet was published by the Winchester Historical Society in 2004 to be used to teach a unit on Winchester History at the third grade level. This basic history of Winchester includes many historic photos, maps, drawings and even an explanation of the town seal, and it is now available to the general public.

Price: $10.00

Architectural Heritage Book Cover Winchester, Massachusetts: The Architectural Heritage of a Victorian Town
Now you can trace Winchester’s 350 year development in the Historical Society’s popular book. This 170 page history of the town contains nearly 200 illustrations, including maps, historical photographs, views of individual buildings, and a guide to researching the history of a house in Winchester. The contents provide a wealth of fascinating information:

  • Laying the Foundation: Winchester Farms and Families, 1638-1830
  • Emergence of a True Victorian Town: Winchester Neighborhoods, 1830-1917
  • Neighborhood Walking Tours and Architectural Survey

Price: Non-members $25.00

Artists of Winchester Book Cover Artists of Winchester, 1850-1950
by Ellen Knight This illustrated history of the artists who lived and practiced in Winchester contains new information about the town’s artists and presents them in an attractive booklet that focuses on their career and activities in town. Included are nationally known landscape painter J. Foxcroft Cole and etcher W.H.W. Bicknell. Locally, Edward Brackett was as famous for his octagon house as his sculpture, and Ernest Dudley Chase’s sketches of Winchester appeared on town calendars for many years. Women such as Adelaide Cole Chase, Eva Cowdery, and Annie Nowell were prominent for their portrait and still life paintings. What emerges is a picture of Winchester as a center of artistic activity, a place that valued its beautiful landscapes and promoted its culture.

Price: Non-members $10.00

500 Sheets Book Cover 500 Sheets: Lt. Col. John Hanlon’s Debt of Honor 
By Ellen Knight  500 Sheets is the inspiring, heart-warming true story of World War II hero Lt. Col. John D. Hanlon and his hometown, Winchester – and a promise he made during the Battle of the Bulge to a group of Belgian villagers who answered his call for help. The story of that promise and how it was kept by the people of Winchester captured the attention of people across the country as newspapers and even Life magazine followed the events. Using historic photographs and many of Hanlon’s own writings, this volume presents the story of a battalion commander of the 101st Airborne Division who earned not only a Silver Star and Purple Heart but also won the hearts of two countries through his integrity.

Available from the printer –  www.Lulu.com:  Search by title under “Bookstore” 

Price:  $25.00

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Wright-Locke Farm: A History in Pictures
by Ellen Knight

Look into the history of the Wright-Locke farm in a new 16-page booklet titled Wright-Locke Farm: A History in Pictures. Read More.

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